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Hi, and welcome to our website. My name is Joe and I would like to invite you to download and try our Parental Monitor which we call FREEK (Free Parental Monitor)

Our keylogger software is a great NEW Parental APP designed mainly for parents and employers to monitor EVERYTHING that happens on ANY PC our software is installed onto.

Our software gives you peace of mind, whilst at the same time letting you keep a discreet eye on everything your child does online.


Feedback & Testimonials

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    Feedback 01

    Fantastic, just the job. thank you very much for this great little program it will come in handy now my kids are getting older. Jayne, York, UK.

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    Feedback 02

    I cannot believe this is FREE!!, works like a charm, excellent.... Andrew, CA, USA.

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    Feedback 03

    Easy to set up and easy to use i would say 10 out of 10 for support! thank you.. Mick, Louth, UK.