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We are the Penders Family and my name is Joe, As our own children grew up and reached that nightmare age (teens) we wanted to make sure they were safe whilst they used the internet. A lot of time was spent on researching parental monitors and parental apps but none of them really covered everything, and some were even full of spyware or just did not work at all

In late 2011 we had a meeting with our bank manager and it was decided that we would finance our OWN parental monitor and parental app and FREEK was born!.


In this current financial climate we have to be more aware of what we spend and have more control over our finances, as parents we realise that not everyone can afford £20 or in some cases £69.99 that SOME sellers charge for their software. With this in mind we decided to release 2 different versions of FREEK, a FREE version which only records keystrokes (logs all key presses) and a PRO version which is much more advanced and covers Keystrokes, Programs, Clipboard, Webcam, Screenshots and has a neat Real-Time Playback ability.

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