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Welcome to Our Website,, I am Joe Pender and as a working dad I realize how essential it really is to have an extra pair of eyes watching over not only your kids, but your whole family too. FREEK Parental APP FREE does just that, It records every Keystroke on the target PC.

Our FREE Parental APP evens comes with FREE updates for life, help and support when needed and is also 100% portable which means it does not need to be installed.

The Safety & Security Of Your Loved Ones Is Essential

Years ago you could let your kids play out without fear, but today our schools and homes have become a mini prison, and with good cause too. It has been estimated that over 14 Million children use social networking websites such as: Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, ClubPenguin or neoPets just to name a few. Pedophiles also use these to try and contact young children in the hope of 'grooming' them and meeting them offline.

FREEK Parental APP Is Not Just For Watching Your Kids, But Can Be Used For Schools & Employers Too!


FREEK has been designed with ease of use in mind, even the most computer illiterate user will be up and running in minutes. All parents should have at least one monitoring solution, FREEK Parental APP runs in the background so you can check your kids without them ever knowing a thing. Our Parental APP & Parental Monitor is also ideal for schools and employers, Maybe the children or your staff are looking at adult or websites when they should be working. Or even worse looking at banned or nasty material online (the webs full of it with just one click). FREEK Parental APP will let you see EVERY KEYSTROKE that any of the kids or staff type on any pc.


  Keystroke Recording
  FREE Updates For Life
  Portable Product - Needs NO Install
  Windows XP/Vista & Windows 7 Compatible.

*Xp might need .net 2.0 to work, our Parental APP uses the .net libraries.
  No Spyware
  No Adware
  No Virus Or Trojans
  100% Safe & Clean (Unlike Some Other Parental APPs)
FREEK will capture ALL passwords typed meaning this really is a brilliant all in one monitoring solution for everyone. Our Parental APP will capture every keystroke on any pc. Just Some Of The Uses For FREEK:

PARENTS: Parents can be assured that FREEK Parental APP will monitor EVERYTHING their child does whilst they are using the PC. From every keystroke they make, FREEK Parental APP will record it all. Our program runs in stealth so they will never know you are monitoring them at all, this helps you retain the child's privacy whilst at the same time letting you keep a watchful eye on them. FREEK Parental APP is an all-in-one Parental APP and parental monitoring solution that gives parents the essential tool and peace of mind that they need. Our parental monitor will record every keystroke on the target pc.

SCHOOLS: Schools would really benefit from a Parental APP and monitoring solution such as FREEK, pupils sometimes spend school time viewing porn and banned website's when they should be working. and despite trying to block internet access the pupils find other ways to get round this problem. The solution is simple, install FREEK Parental APP and parental monitor and you can see in real-time what the kids are doing. If they are viewing banned or pornographic website's you can take action straight away. FREEK Parental APP will monitor all keystrokes on the target PC!.

EMPLOYERS: It has been estimated that 25% of employees who use a pc at work spend time viewing porn or other internet sites such as Facebook or Twitter etc. An employer can find it difficult to prove because most computer users are savvy enough to get rid of the evidence. FREEK Parental APP will record everything your employee does on their PC, the proof is saved in locked folders which can only be accessed from FREEK itself meaning they cant hide the evidence anymore.


FREEK now comes as 1 download and is for unlimited installs on pc's or laptops that you own only. This means that you are not heavily restricted on the use of our software, unlike some companies we actually care about our customers which is why FREEK just keeps getting better and better. You can install FREEK onto computers that you OWN only, Teachers and Employers can install FREEK onto ANY PC in their class or business without restrictions.

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FREEK Parental APP has been designed so that within 7/8 clicks of the mouse you can be up and running monitoring everything on any pc. The software is so powerful that we have supplied FREEK to local and international businesses so that they can keep an eye on their employees.


ALL our software has been checked by virustotal and Kaspersky and they are 100% safe and secure.